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                    Howie Mandel Interview 12. 02. 1998.


Howie: Now, my first guest. Millions of people around the world know my first guest simple as, MacGyver. He was also a regular for five years on the hit soap, General Hospital. And he's currently starring in the number one weekly series on Showtime, Stargate SG-1. Let's take a look at a clip from Stargate SG-1 (Clip from Tin Man where Jack is talking to himself.) Howie: Please welcome Richard Dean Anderson. Wow.

RDA: I'm glad you showed the clip at the top. Got all the advertising out.

Howie: Now there's more advertising for production and reproduction, right?

RDA: Right, exactly. This whole thing is a right-off today, but I had these made up instead of cigars for you.

Howie: This says Stargate SG-1, there the caps, and on the back it's his daughter's birthdate. That's so cool. And actually today she's turned 4 months, right?

RDA: Yeah, yeah exactly today.

Howie: Do you celebrate?

RDA: Yeah, well you know Apryl? I mean, she'll celebrate ...

Howie: Your wife, Apryl.

RDA: Yes, the ah, not my wife.

Howie: Oh, she's not your wife ... the mother of your child.

RDA: Thank You!

Howie: I just assumed, but you know what?

RDA: Roll tape.

Howie: I'm sorry. Well maybe that's too personal a question.

RDA: You're nervous about this. Happy Birthday by the way.

Howie: Will you marry her? I'm not asking you, I'm just asking you.

RDA: Coming out of your mouth, through those eyes, hearing those 'will you marry her', I thought I was going to hear will you marry me.

Howie: Well you know if you're not going to marry her, I'm not going to come between you two.

RDA: You know something, by the way. You're huge.

Howie: She didn't think so, tell her.

RDA: I'm not skirting that question, by the way.

Howie: Yes you are.

RDA: No, no no.

Howie: Do you talk about it?

RDA: Oh absolutely, ah well we don't need to talk about it on a daily basis, but you kind of sound like my mother, with all due respect.

Howie: Apryl is a very lovely girl and you have this beautiful, little baby girl and you'd think, I don't know important it is ...

RDA: Traditional thought. I mean my mother ... I called my mother when we found out we were pregnant and I said that ... not my mother and I ... Apryl and I ... well Apryl. And I said Mom, how do you feel about being a grandmother and she said I feel great, when are you getting married? I said thanks for sharing in my joy, Mom.

Howie: But that's a normal question.

RDA: Well yeah, when you're from ... I'll put it in quotes just to be kind ... from the old school ... not born of the 90s and the new millenium ... like Kurt and Goldie are our heroes ... Oprah and Steadman.

Howie: Oprah and Steadman don't have children.

RDA: Right, there is a difference there ... Goldie and Kurt.

Howie: I'm not forcing you.

RDA: I told my mother I said, we're not going to let the church or state dictate the nature of our relationship. We're very secure in what we have and what we are together.

Howie: But what about me, can I dictate it.

RDA: I'll take suggestions I'm not beyond that and I'll respect them.

Howie: And I respect that. Do you think there'd be a difference if you were married? Would there be a difference in your relationship if you were legally married.

RDA: No, none whatsoever. The only, I guess consideration down the road, cuz neither one of wants to be or needs to be at this point in time ... explaining this on national television. But, the only reason for considering it down the road might be for Wylie. Or for any other children we might have.

Howie: What difference would that make?

RDA: If it becomes an issue for any reason ... if she starts asking questions of why aren't you and then we have to confront it as a family.

Howie: You just show her this tape.

RDA: Yes. Absolutely. Can I get a copy by the way?

Howie: She will. Well I'll get off that. I was watching the show and it's neat ... lot of special effects and stuff. Do you enjoy working with yourself (talking about the scene from Tin Man when Jack is talking to Jack).

RDA: On occassion.

Howie: Cuz you weren't there when you were there.

RDA: No, I was there for both times.

Howie: But you weren't there ... you were talking to yourself. I had to do a scene like that once in St. Elsewhere and it was weird because was somebody reading the lines off screen to you?

RDA: Actually, with all due respect, and I hope he's not watching we had this guy that was about my height so I could have eye contact with something. And he was so bad in the reading, with all due respect, that

Howie: How do you say you're so bad with that much respect?

RDA: I don't know. Respectfully, he was terrible.

Howie: But when he was bad, nobody was as bad as him and that's where he holds

RDA: Well a case in point, I put a dot on the wall, that's how bad he was, so I could stare at the dot.

Howie: What's his name, by the way?

RDA: Dot.

Howie: Well you're a great actor. You've done all these different things. You're doing the science fiction, you did action. I know that you had humble beginnings in performing.

RDA: Yes. No secret.

Howie: Somebody told me that you were a mime.

RDA: Yes, and proudly so I might say.

Howie: You were a mime?

RDA: Yes.

Howie: I can't imagine.

RDA: You're audience are mime fans.

Howie: They love mime. Did you work the streets?

RDA: Yes, and I did mime too. (After much laughter.) I didn't mean that at all. Humble beginnings ... I came out of Ohio University, came west. And was going to try and make it and in order to put food in one's stomach, one must have change. So I worked the streets of, oh ah, I worked out of Century City for awhile.

Howie: Century City, if you don't know that, that's where all the attorneys are ... who love mimes. You don't want to go to a beach community, you don't want to go to Westwood. You went to Century City.

RDA: I was a totally anachronistic mime. I would talk all the time. Talk and sing ...

Howie: You would talk and sing ... where does mime come in?

RDA: Anachronistic.

Howie: I'm trapped in an imaginary box.

RDA: Yeah, exactly. I wanted to be different. I'm too tired, I'm in the box.

Howie: Oh, it's windy.

RDA: When I knew I wanted to be in show business. One day at Century City Mall and some guy, one of those attorneys walked by and threw a 20 dollar bill that just kind of floated and fluttered into my hat, and I knew I was in the right business, right then and there.

Howie: And we're glad you did. And then you took off and made the natural progression. We have some early tape of your work.

RDA: You do not.

Howie: Yes I do. I have some early tape of some of your work. Take a look at this.

RDA: No warning here.

Howie: You may remember, maybe, I don't know if you're old enough but I want to talk to you people right now about the Facts of Life.


Howie: Watch this. (Clip from The Facts of Life.)

RDA: You're cruel. That was so cruel.

Howie: The Facts of Life. You've done it all.

RDA: And hence, my sitcom career.

Howie: Did you enjoy doing that?

RDA: I had a ball doing it actually. Obviously I was terrible.

Howie: You were like a talking mime.

RDA: Virtually. It was a very humbling experience. We had some trouble filming it, but you know it ...

Howie: You got to do everything. You got to do mime, you've done sitcom, you've done action series, now you're doing science fiction - action. Right. So that's great. We get to see ...

RDA: And growing a ... hiatus phase whenever I'm not working I get to grow that which you would love to have ...

Howie: I would love to have a beard.

RDA: And I think Paramount should let you have it.

Howie: Yeah, maybe they should. You know if you want me to have a beard, write in. I'd love to grow it back.

RDA: It's sexy

Howie: Thank you, you called me sexy. I asked you if you wanted to get married. You called me sexy. I think we got something going here.

RDA: I'll see you again.

Howie: You gonna hang on?

RDA: Sure

Howie: Hang on. I also want to say that Stargate just went into syndication. You don't only have to see it on Showtime. Right, you can see it all over. Check your local listings.

RDA: Please.

Howie: But Stargate SG-1 is at Fridays at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime and also in syndication everywhere.

The Hungarian translation by Andrea Bárány is here