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MacGyver's Life


The Mac we all love so much was born in Mission City, Northern Minnesota, on March 23, 1951. (see: ep "Friends" ., where Mac's birthday is celebrated). Here's where he got to love nature. His parents are James MacGyver and Ellen Jackson MacGyver, his grandparents from his mothers's side are Celia and Harry Jackson. When he was born, he got the old-sounding Scottish first name ANGUS, which he, as a grown-up, doesn't use when he's introducing himself. (see ep. "Good Knight MacGyver")

 MacGyver was 10 years old when his father and his grandmother died in a car crash (see ep."Phoenix Under Siege"), and one year after that his grandfather Harry, whom he almost adored, has also left the small family. It was a hard thing for the child MacGyver to be suddenly the only man in the house. His mother worked hard to raise her son, while Harry was trying his luck somewhere in Alaska, and sent only rarely a check. This was also the time when MacGyver had a tragic experience - one of his friends died because of a shot that came from a gun accidentally going off. (see. ep. "Blood Brothers") This memory had such a strong effect on his life later, that he condemned the use of guns, and instead believes in solving conflicts without violence, and especially without guns.

MacGyver was 19 when his mother died after being sick for a short time, while her son was away. MacGyver never got over the pain that he couldn't say goodbye to his dying mother (see ep."Passages") Being left alone without any support, he got rid of everything that tied him to his parental house. This is the time when he went to college, where he was the first of his class from physics (see ep."Hell Week"). He had a serious romantic relationship with Amy Austin, a classmate (see ep."Flame's End"). The relationship broke up because of Mac leaving college to find a job and make a living. He gained his technical and natural science-knowledge during his wanderings.

He was working as a taxi driver in New York when he met Pete Thornton, a former secret agent of DXS. (see ep."Partners") After they've solved the dangerous case, Pete offered Mac a steady and exciting job at Phoenix Foundation.

The well established history is not the only thing that made MacGyver's character so attractive, but also that his thinking, his behavior is intertwined with the magic of Richard Dean Anderson's personality. It's not an accident that Mac also comes from Minnesota, and thousand experiences tie him to his native land, just like his personator. It's also not an accident that Mac passionately loves ice hockey, and likes to spend his free time playing sports. In the episode "Thin Ice" he admits that as a child he dreamed of a career as hockey-player. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?